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Look at this


I’ve never made this connection before…at the beginning of DH Hermione tells Ron and Harry how a wizard who’d split his soul could heal himself, save himself…remorse

oh, harry

Harry James you precious baby

I’ve read this second bit before, the whole try for some remorse thing, and thought it was just a Harry stabbing in the dark, but nO

It was so calculated

He remembered that conversation

Hermione’s research

actual, possible redemption for Voldemort

he kept that hope, however slim, that Voldemort could be saved

before they cast their final curses, after all that happened, Harry was actually trying to get Voldemort to mend himself back together

Harry james potter you compassionate jerk trying to save your mortal enemy before he utterly and finally destroys himself




xiao wen ju + ming xi backstage for chanel f/w 2013


a comprehensive list of AUs that need to happen 

  • both of our children are sick in the hospital and we meet nightly at the coffee machine au 
  • spies that have to be fake married on a fake honeymoon on an undercover operation in the tropics au
  • i’m in love with your crafts in your etsy shop and i’m also in love with you au 
  • college au where my roommate brings me home to their thanksgiving and my roommate’s sister has brought her friend home as well and oh no you’re hot au
  • drunk strangers arrested for having sex outside of the bar and are stuck doing community service together au 
  • a photojournalist and a red cross worker in a conflict zone au 


I’m laughing a little too hard to truly be serious rn but we really do need to sit down and have a lengthy fucking discussion about this fandom’s obsession with “not starting drama,” largely because of what the people who go on about that bullshit seem to think “drama” means.

Pointing out bigotry is not “starting drama.” Stop calling it that.

Asking a non-black person to stop using AAVE is not “starting drama.” Asking people not to be biphobic or misogynistic towards a character is not “starting drama.” Pointing out antisemitism is not “starting drama.” Pointing out a lack of adequate representation is not “starting drama.” Pointing out ableism is not “starting drama.” Particularly not when the people pointing these things out or asking people to stop are members of the group this behavior targets and/or harms. You’re not asking us not to start drama, you’re silencing us.

I’ve also seen calling out art theft or fic theft be called “starting drama.”

Meanwhile, things like pointedly vagueblogging about people calling out bigotry, harassing marginalized people within the fandom, and art/fic theft are never “starting drama.” Putting someone to the fucking sword for talking on their own blog about their dislike of or disinterest in a popular character without tagging it is never “starting drama.” Harassing people over MOGAI or disabled or POC headcanons is never “starting drama.”

A fandom isn’t “drama-free” when “drama-free” means “oppressed people aren’t allowed to speak without being shouted down.”


Beware of creators who want to pat themselves on the back and have you praise them for their commitment to diversity, but don’t want to acknowledge there is a responsibility that comes with how you portray that representation, and what you choose to do with it.


seriously bro, what do you mean comic books aren’t considered literature, bro.


okay though if there’s anything that struck me on rewatching the first Cap movie it’s how much Steve and Bucky are such assholes to each other and it’s amazing

and like can you just imagine recovered!Bucky and Steve going on missions together and Steve being like

"wow Buck that thing you did there was actually kind of smart, all the stupid must’ve grown out in your hair"

and Bucky being all

"you might not know this, Steve, but there’s this thing we say these days that might be really useful for you to know and it goes like this: go fuck yourself"

and all the other avengers looking at each other like we read about you in history books, you are national heroes, what even



goodnight moon. goodnight Milky Way. goodnight Ursa Major (UMa I dSph). goodnight 24IC 1613 (UGC 662.350[8].

goodnight nerd


when people say that raising the minimum wage will hurt workers because of layoffs or inflation they’re really just admiting that capitalism is structurally unable to provide an adequate standard of living for the working class



when u wipe ur glasses with ur shirt to see better but it backfires:


They had to have ILM digitally remove lens flare.

That’s how much there was.

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